Friday, 25 October 2013


Hello lovely people!!

I'm afraid I've been a pretty bad blogger recently (yeah sorry about that) but there is a very good explanation...UNI. My goodness its a lot of work. I feel like I haven't had a moment to breath let alone do anything else. But do not fear I am off next week as its 'reading week' which is just a fancy way to say half term and I will be blogging every second I get. 

I'm actually at uni this morning and I had a few moments to spare so I started playing around in photoshop and this was the outcome. Since it is Halloween soon I want to do a spooky girl drawing, so this was all in the name of inspiration.

Also  I wanted to say Thank-you to everyone who has followed on GFC or Bloglovin and all your lovely, kind and amazing comments, I really didn`t suspect I would get such a response so Thank you very much.

I know it's not much but I hope you like my mini creations.

Also when I come to start my "Halloween girl" what sort of character would you like to see? For example witch, vampire, zombie ect


Friday, 4 October 2013



I finally finished!!!
I am incredibly happy to finally share this peice of work with you all. I was planning on waiting until tomorrow to share this post with you but I just couldn't wait that long. I've spent many hours on this peice, I'm not entirely sure how many, but I do know that my hand is hurting...slightly. However I am already planning my next peice, I think I am going to turn this peice into a series. But I won't reveal quite yet what that series will be, all I will say for now is she is based on someone, just think
Hair = Black     Lips = Red    Skin = White 
Can you guess?
(Naming her would give it away, thats why she will remain nameless for now)
Thought I'd better give her a name 

I've already had a few friends asking for the peice, but I'm not ready to part with her just yet. Although I do want to make some prints, anybody know how I can do this?

Hope you like the piece 


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