Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Sunday Morning

I find it's not so much the small things, but the simple things that make me happy or rather it's in the simple moments I find myself at complete ease with the world around me. A Sunday morning is one of those simple things. The complete stillness is something I won't miss, as everyone else has a well deserved lie in I wake to greet the early morning light.

Taking a stroll around the empty and quiet streets revelling in the early morning sunshine is something to treasure, what that something is I can't quiet put my finger on. After a large dosage of fresh air I reluctantly make my way back home and make myself a bowl of porridge, a much needed mug of green tea and head to the bottom of the garden where my art studio lives, to enjoy the morning a little longer. I find it's a time where I don't need to think about anything nor do I need to do anything I can just sit and enjoy the sunshine, the stillness and

On the mornings when the mood takes me I will grab my bike, a flask of tea and a breakfast to go and head down to the beach. I'm one of the early ones along with a few dog walkers and surfers if the weather is warm enough. I always feel like we have something in common, that we all share something. We have all awoken to take advantage of a good morning, all be it for different reason but we all enjoy that same morning together and nothing needs to be said or done just a nod of the head or polite hello is sufficient enough that we acknowledge each other and the good morning the day has brought. Sometimes I sketch and others I enjoy my breakfast and just watch the waves or the swallows that dance in the air above and on the odd occasion I will catch a glimpse of  a rabbit or two as they hurry away to their under ground homes. As the dog walkers become more frequent and the noise of man gets a little louder that's when I know its time to go.


Friday, 20 March 2015

recently drawing


Jars and Terrariums are all I've been drawing recently, probably the result of too many lazy afternoons spent scrolling through Pinterest.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

three Happy things

1. One thing that has made me incredibly happy recently has been getting an interview for my chosen Uni to complete my third year. The interview was incredibly nerve-racking but went incredibly well and to perfectly honest I rather enjoyed talking about my portfolio/work, and a few days later I was offered a place which has resulted in a very happy Jess.
2. Many of you won't know that five years ago my  Dad lost is sense of taste and smell. He had an operation two years ago and the guy who did it, did a pretty appalling job and did a lot of things he wasn't suppose to. Two weeks ago my Dad had another operation on his nose. A few days after the operation he was beginning to feel a bit disheartened because he thought it hadn't worked. Oh, how he needed not to worry, because a week later he got his sense of smell and taste back, he only needed to wait for his nose to heal from the operation and I couldn't be happier for him.
3. On Friday I had the most wonderful catch up with my friends Nick and Kelsey. Which included a rather delicious mocha and mozzarella/spinach wrap followed by a whole lot of laughing. Is there anything better then sitting over a coffee with good company and not noticing the time fly by?

What has made you happy recently?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

DIY: Banana Mug Cake

Is there anything more Pinterest than a cake in a mug? Perhaps a cake in a DIY mug? How about munching on a Banana Mug Cake in a DIY mug whilst flicking through the pages of Oh Comely magazine whilst listening to indie folk music, very Pinterest indeed.
Whilst scrolling through Pinterest one lazy Sunday morning I stumbled upon Mug Cakes and naturally decided to make one. I read quite few recipes and then just did my own thing. So today I thought I would share with you the Banana Mug Cake Recipe.

Ingredients :
-  One tbsp of Butter, melted
-  One Egg, lightly beaten.
-  One tbsp of Milk.
-  One ripe Banana, mashed.
-  Three tbsp of Plain Flour
-  Three tbsp of Brown Sugar
-  1/2 tsp of Baking Powder.
-  Vanilla Essence
-  Sprinkle of Cinnamon

What To Do:
1. Put butter into mug and microwave for 20 seconds.
2. Add the egg and a tbsp of Milk and beat with a fork until all ingredients are combined.
3. Mash the Banana, I just mashed it together with my hands it was a lot quicker than using a fork plus its fun.
4. Now add the Flour, Sugar and Baking Powder and mix together until combined.
5. Next had a dash of vanilla extract and sprinkling of Cinnamon and mix.
6. Place in the microwave for One minute, it should have risen. Then keep putting in the microwave for 30 second slots until golden brown or cooked through.
7. Serve still warm whilst scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr whilst listening to indie folk music for a truly Pinterest experience.
8. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 March 2015


On Saturday my friend Jess and I took the short ferry ride to Tynemouth to enjoy a day of wandering and browsing. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, a perfect sunny day. Although it was very cold and we did get stuck in a hailstorm on top of a hill and let me just to tell you getting caught in a hail storm amongst ruins, means there's no where to shelter, so perhaps we weren't as lucky with the weather as I first thought. I still had a lovely day despite the bipolar weather I love going for a day out to somewhere a little different and just taking your time with the day and enjoying every moment it always seems to make me feel relaxed and happy.
Whilst we wandered and browsed I did a wee bit of shopping.
I picked up this Beatrix Potter Card from a craft shop for £1.50. The bath bombs were 3 for £5 from a shop called 'Raspberry Bazar' and is an Aladdin's cave full of wonderful trinkets. I also picked up this adorable potted plant... tree...thing for only £2.50. And my favourite find of the day is this Alice in Wonderland pocket watch necklace, for only £8.99 from one of the market stores.  
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