Monday, 9 March 2015


On Saturday my friend Jess and I took the short ferry ride to Tynemouth to enjoy a day of wandering and browsing. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, a perfect sunny day. Although it was very cold and we did get stuck in a hailstorm on top of a hill and let me just to tell you getting caught in a hail storm amongst ruins, means there's no where to shelter, so perhaps we weren't as lucky with the weather as I first thought. I still had a lovely day despite the bipolar weather I love going for a day out to somewhere a little different and just taking your time with the day and enjoying every moment it always seems to make me feel relaxed and happy.
Whilst we wandered and browsed I did a wee bit of shopping.
I picked up this Beatrix Potter Card from a craft shop for £1.50. The bath bombs were 3 for £5 from a shop called 'Raspberry Bazar' and is an Aladdin's cave full of wonderful trinkets. I also picked up this adorable potted plant... tree...thing for only £2.50. And my favourite find of the day is this Alice in Wonderland pocket watch necklace, for only £8.99 from one of the market stores.  

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