Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Sunday Morning

I find it's not so much the small things, but the simple things that make me happy or rather it's in the simple moments I find myself at complete ease with the world around me. A Sunday morning is one of those simple things. The complete stillness is something I won't miss, as everyone else has a well deserved lie in I wake to greet the early morning light.

Taking a stroll around the empty and quiet streets revelling in the early morning sunshine is something to treasure, what that something is I can't quiet put my finger on. After a large dosage of fresh air I reluctantly make my way back home and make myself a bowl of porridge, a much needed mug of green tea and head to the bottom of the garden where my art studio lives, to enjoy the morning a little longer. I find it's a time where I don't need to think about anything nor do I need to do anything I can just sit and enjoy the sunshine, the stillness and

On the mornings when the mood takes me I will grab my bike, a flask of tea and a breakfast to go and head down to the beach. I'm one of the early ones along with a few dog walkers and surfers if the weather is warm enough. I always feel like we have something in common, that we all share something. We have all awoken to take advantage of a good morning, all be it for different reason but we all enjoy that same morning together and nothing needs to be said or done just a nod of the head or polite hello is sufficient enough that we acknowledge each other and the good morning the day has brought. Sometimes I sketch and others I enjoy my breakfast and just watch the waves or the swallows that dance in the air above and on the odd occasion I will catch a glimpse of  a rabbit or two as they hurry away to their under ground homes. As the dog walkers become more frequent and the noise of man gets a little louder that's when I know its time to go.


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  1. What a lovely post! Sunday mornings really are something special. Going down to the beach in the morning sounds lovely.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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