Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spring Nail Polish

Barry M - Full Throttle, Miss Sporty - 480, Barry M - Eat My Dust, Barry M - Sugar Apple,
Rimmel - Fancy a Dip
It use to take seriously strong will power for me to walk into Boots or Superdrug and not pick up a couple of new nail polishes, but these days I hardly ever wear nail polish let alone buy it. The reason being, when I am constantly making things and drawing my nail polish doesn't look good for long. However with having a couple of weeks off Uni I have fallen back in love with nail polish, so much so I actually bought two new nail polishes from Superdrug...SHOCK. Those two being from the Barry M Quick Dry Range. A really pretty pastel Orange and Dusty Blue Colour. You would think being an artist I would be better at describing colours but evidently not.  I'm not really a colourful kind of Gal when it comes to my style so a pop of colour on the nails is the perfect colourful accessory.
Now I just need to pick one colour for today? HMmmm
Hope you all have a lovely day.


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  1. LOVE these colours! So glad it's spring again :o


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