Thursday, 14 August 2014


Every year on the 26th and 27th of July the town of Leyburn hop into their time machines and travel back to the 1940s. My Dad, Mum and I, along with our neighbour/family friend Mic and his faithful companion Ruby (the dog) all piled into the car and began the hour long journey back to the 1940s.The sun was shining  and the day was filled with live music, friendly people, fish and chips and a very refreshing glass of home made lemonade. (Must admit it did feel like I had been transported into an Enid Blyton book)

I had gone with the intention of taking as many photographs as possible but sometimes whilst looking through a lens you have a tendency to miss things and I wanted to create memories of the day not just photographs.

However, I hope you enjoy the photgraphs I did take.

Mic and Ruby

Policeman: Can I see your licence for that animal sir?
Mic: How much does that cost, 50p?
Policeman: Don't be ridiculous sir, it costs a six pence piece, first thing on Monday morning get yourself to the post office and buy a licence. I'll be keeping my eye on you sir.

Every time we saw the policeman he kept saying 'Don't you forget about that license sir'

Pure perfection

My Mum, Dad, Mic and of course Ruby. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me simple because my mum and dad don't know how to use my camera, I will have to train them up ready for next year.

I even met the Prime Minister.

Met this little cutie.

Its fair to say it was a splendidly British day. Next year we are going to stay for the whole weekend and I will most definitely be dressing up. On the way home we stopped at a little village (who's name escapes me) for an ice cream. The drive back was beautiful, I had the window rolled down, sunglasses on and we were listening to the Lord of the rings soundtrack (they had it playing on classical music fm) and honestly I couldn't have been happier, it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.



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