Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Once again I blame Pinterest for feeding my Cacti addiction and I also blame Wilkinson for selling Cacti, Succulents and Air Plants (if your happy to fuel your own cacti addiction then go forth to Wilkinson’s). One of the perks of owing cacti is finding creative ways to display them and also having a reason to scroll through pinterest for hours on end. Which is were I found this pin.

Cheap, Quick and very Pinterest what more could you ask for from a DIY. I don’t want to insult your intelligence with a step by step method. So simply wrap a piece of paper round your chosen container then wrap a bit of marble vinyl around it too, or any vinyl/patterned paper of your choosing. Its that easy. Then re-pot your cacti or use it has a make up brush holder/pen pot whatever your pinterest heart desires.

Having a potted plant or splash of green really does add a little something extra to a room. If your a fellow blogger then they also makes great blog photography props.

Happy Crafting!

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