Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring Showers: A Few Happy Things

I thought instead of acknowledging my er...cough 100 day er absence..cough I thought I would jump straight back into the blogging game by sharing a few things that have made me happy recently.

01. Letter Writing: When we were younger my best friend Amy and I use to write letters to one another everyday during the summer holidays, despite only living one street away. That little pile of hand written notes hold some of my dearest memories. Since then Amy has moved to Northampton and is now working as Paramedic. The other week among bank statements and junk mail there lay a letter with unmistakeable handwriting, there is nothing better then receiving a little surprise in the post. Plus it is so much more exciting to stick on a stamp and pop it in the postbox.

02. Engagement: My friend Jennifer is now engaged and is planning a June wedding for 2017. She will be the first to be married in my circle of friends. I couldn't be happier for her despite it feeling very strange indeed.

03. Norman the Plant: I added a new friend to my somewhat small but still ever growing plant collection. He is a spider plant and I have named him Norman. He is still growing and I haven't killed him yet. Although since writing this I did manage to singe one of his leaves (Note to Self: don't light candles near plants).

04. Spring Showers: Despite my love for the colder months and still at this moment counting down the days until I can adorn oversized jumpers once more. I've been enjoying working in my studio with the doors wide open watching the rain fall, and most definitely pretending I am Beatrix Potter sitting in Hilltop Farm instead of a the bottom of my garden.

What things have made you happy recently?

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