Tuesday, 7 January 2014


This has to be a new record in the space of 6 days I have managed to break one of my new years resolutions....brilliant. The resolution I broke, as you all can probably guess was;
'3. Blog- remember that you have a blog. I want to make my blog the way I see it in my mind. Make it my own and share with you all who I really am and not to be afraidto post about what really matters to me'
But I aim to redeem myself.
Today was the fatal day I had been dreading since I broke up on the 20th of December, yes ladies and gentleman today was the day I returned to Uni (pause for sobbing). I knew this day would come but why did have to come so soon. I'm being a tad dramatic today was an ok day at uni I managed to get a lot done....not to shabby. And I remembered I actually had a blog I thought I would share with you a little sketch I did as part of a project.

'Fifteen men on Dead Man's Chest'

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  1. how depressing! you will get through it as january passes.. lovely sketch! and thanks for your lovely comment x

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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