Monday, 13 January 2014


Hello everyone,

Back in November I went to Perthshire in Scotland with my family for 4 days and stayed at the Hydro Hotel. I would have to say Scotland has to be my favorite place on the planet one day I hope  will live in Scotland. I am at my most happiest roaming around the countryside with camera in hand. There just something about Scotland that make me feel instantly happy, perhaps its my Scottish roots coming through.

Played a little Chess with the mother. I lost simply because I suck at Chess.

Who doesn't like soup 

I miss Christmas :(

I think I literally chased this robin for about half an hour.

Oh I'm such a comedian

Ice Cream is gooooooooooooood

I love going on family holidays and it had been such a long time since we were on one.  Perthshire is such a beautiful place as you can probably tell. My brother went up 2 days after my Mum and Dad, which I regret so much simply because my Dad met Ewan McGregor....sigh.



  1. What a beautiful place!! I've only ever been to Edinburgh and would LOVE to explore more rural areas of Scotland. These photographs are so lovely, (I am especially taken with the tiny fluffy ginger pony! Hehe!)

    Faded Windmills

  2. Aaw, you saw a little Robin! Stunning scenery, Scotland has some beautiful locations. xxx


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