Monday, 2 February 2015


January has been a good month in fact it has been a great month, I don't feel as if I have accomplished a great deal but I have felt nothing but happiness this month, perhaps that's an accomplishment in its self. 
1. The Magician's Nephew: I've been reading my old and rather battered copy for most of January and its bringing back many memories of eight year old me looking in far too many wardrobes in the hope to find Narnia.

2. Delicate Bracelet: I've been wearing this simply and very delicate bracelet non-stop this month. I'm not really a bracelet kind of girl, but having discovered this at the bottom of my jewellery box I can't seem to get enough.
3. Fine liners: Oh where, oh where would I be without my trusty faithful fine liners?

4. Photographs: I've been rummaging through my families many many photographs and pinching a few to display around my bedroom, especially photographs taken on holidays to the lakes from when my Mum and Dad were younger.

5. Nail Polish: It's not often I wear nail polish, but I received a collection of Avon nail polish from my Aunt and these two were included. Being an artist is the perfect occupation to road test new nail polishes, and these two held up very well indeed, plus they are very pretty.

6. Listening: There has been only two songs that I have been listening to on repeat throughout January and they are: Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye and Johnny Flynn - Detectorists. Go now and listen!

What have been your favourites for January?


  1. I read that book when i was young too! I loved the whole Narnia series when i was younger!

    1. There my favourite books, just can't get enough of Narnia haha xxx

  2. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I have been loving oversized shirts, big roll neck knitwear and Ed Sheeran (shhh, guilty pleasure!) this January. Hope you're having a good new year so far. Also have you tried using an ink brush pen? My sister, who studies illustration, has just started using them and absolutely loves it! It's like using pen and ink but easier in a brush form! :)

    Mimicryer x UK fashion & beauty

    1. I know isn't it! Your Ed Sheeran secret is safe with me ;) . Love roll necks, there just so comfy and cosy. Ink Brush pen? I've never used one before. Ooo really? think I'll have to give one a go, sounds like something I would love :) xxx


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