Thursday, 19 February 2015


I recently bought these two best friends necklaces from the Etsy shop 'Forget me not Grove' for £7.49. One for myself and the other for my best friend Celene, who is moving back to South Africa on the 26th of April for the second time. I bought these necklaces as a little parting gift. I've only known Celene for 4 years and for two of those she was in South Africa. It has always amazed me how quickly Celene and I became close friends, then again I suppose some people you just click with immediately.

I've always been lucky in friendship and have always had a great group of friends around me growing up, a select few that have seen me at my best and worst. When I was younger the more friends I had the better. As I have grown older I have begun to understand the importance of a close knit group of friends. Over the past few years I have lost touch with close friends, some through one particular horrendous fall out and others just simply drifting apart as we all begin to grow up and find our own way in this crazy world.
When I was younger my best friends knew my favourite colour, toy, book and my favourite set of top trumps. But now they know what makes me smile, laugh, cry and are the people I can completely depend on to be there when I need them most, who laugh at my terrible dad jokes when the silence gets to loud, listen to my rants, know how to cheer me up and put simply they just know me. I can count the amount of best friends I have on both hands and for that I am truly blessed.

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