Sunday, 3 January 2016

Northern Lass in 2016

2016 will mark three years that I have been blogging on this little corner of  the internet that I call mine. I would like to think in those three years that my blog has improved, the writing, the photography and the content, but as my Mum always says 'There is always room for improvement'. So here is what to expect from Northern Lass in 2016...

DIY: I have dabbled in this 'genre' a couple of times before and they are always posts I enjoy creating. Expect more dabbling this year, I have an ever expanding list of things I am eager to make, including a neon cloud sign. 

More Me: I want to inject more of myself into this blog, more about what I do on a daily basis, the places I love, the people who inspire me and the many simple things that make me happy. 

Photography: I hope that this area of my blog has already improved since the early days of Northern Lass. However I aim to get a better understanding of what my camera can do.

Cruelty Free Skincare/Makeup: I always try my best to use cruelty free and its something I would like to talk about. 

Planning: Despite my terrible attempt at blogmas, I want to stick to posting every other day and improve on my planning and organisation when it comes to blogging. 

Do you have any blog related goals for 2016?

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