Tuesday, 20 October 2015

diy: illustrated clutch

I've been looking for a White zipped plain Clutch for what feels like years. I never thought looking for a White zipped Clutch would be difficult but it proved to be a flipping quest on the scale of Indian Jones. Finally whilst scrolling through the ASOS sale I found this real Leather Clutch for £10.00 so naturally I bought two.

I don't know what made me think of transferring my illustrations onto a clutch bag, most likely it was Pinterest. I was thinking of using a Black sharpie, but I then discovered this Blue sharpie in my pencil case and couldn't resist.

I am surprised at how well it has turned out, mind you I could play it cool and say I knew that it was going to work out, but I'd be lying. Hopefully I will be able to rock this during the day with some black ripped jeans and a black roll-neck jumper, well here's hoping. 

I may have gotten a bit camera happy. 

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