Wednesday, 14 October 2015

little thoughts on being kind

Something that has been rattling around my mind recently is the relationship between kindness and happiness. It's a simple fact that being kind to others makes you feel that little bit happier and your smile that little bit wider. Kind acts don't have to be grand gestures, I often think small acts of kindness are often the sweetest.

I recently made Bacon and Mushroom sandwiches for my Family on Saturday morning (just gone). I had gotten up early and had decided to go for a walk, after my fill of fresh air I decided to pick up a few things from the shop. Once I got home I crisped the bacon, fried the mushrooms and buttered the bread in perfect timing with my family coming downstairs. In truth they were quite touched that I had made them all breakfast. I know its just a Bacon sandwich but it was unexpected. I think it put us all in a better mood or rather a happier one.  I feel kindness is very much a domino effect 'thing'. 

Taking the time to chat to the cashier or smile at a passing stranger, holding the lift for someone and not just smiling politely when somebody at the bus stop strikes up a conversation means your doing a small act of kindness that might make there day that little bit easier or put them in a better mood. Being kind is such a simple and easy thing to do, and it has a result of happiness.

(Illustration is drawn by me just if any of you are wondering)

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