Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pale Skin, Roll-neck Jumper + Sunday Chinwag

I like my pale skin. A Geordie girl who doesn't use fake tan, no I am not a mythical creature its like I said I just like my pale skin. I recently bought this jumper from eBay for the extortionate price of £1.00 and in truth I feel quite the fashionable lady in it, even if the roll neck does cover half my face up. But I don't care because I just feel too darn cosy in it. I couldn't be happier about the cold weather and the dark nights I am most definitely in my winter element. I'm not usually one for selfies, but I thought what the heck I'm not ashamed to say I like these pics of me, nothing wrong with a bit of self love. I think we could all do with a lot more of it.

I've had a such a busy week full of commissions and Uni work I have been well and truly swept of my feet. Not that I mind I enjoy being busy, it feels good especially knowing I can relax at the weekend. Although I didn't do much I feel totally recharged and feel all gushy about the amazing people I have in my life. On Saturday I popped into town for a bit of a dodge about. I had planned on going down by myself but my Mum tagged along and most definitely caught the Christmas shopping bug. She seemed to be bouncing about like an excited child and we both spent far too long laughing at a back scratcher. Today I went for lunch with friends at the Slug and Lettuce in Newcastle which I would highly recommend, not that there is anything better than good food and great company. I love weekends like this where you have plans but they are so chilled that you just seem to wander through the day.


  1. The colour of that jumper is gorgeous! It really suits you. x


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