Monday, 16 November 2015

One of those 'stuff I really didn't need to buy, but bought anyway' kind of Hauls

A few things I have picked up over the past couple of weeks, all things which I didn't need but found them too charming too resist. 

Set of  Three Large Pinecones, Wilkinsons, 1.00
I picked these up as I thought they would be useful for blog photography props and also I thought they would look quite sweet to have in my room hanging above my bed. 

Framed Pressed Flowers, Charity Shop, 1.00
I found this hidden away at the back of dingy looking charity shop. Let's face it who could resist this little treasure at the bargain price of one pound. I adore finding things like this I can hang up in my room. If your looking for something similar, charity shops but also eBay are great places to look. 

Vintage 70s Glasses, eBay, 6.00
Once I set my eyes on these charming glasses I knew I had to have them. They are a little smaller than I first anticipated them to be and are most definitely too small to be used as drinking glasses. However I might transform them into some festive scented candles. But in all honesty I just like to look at them, they are just so pretty.

Yankee Candle Christmas Baking, ASDA, 9.00
Candle Season is well and truly upon us and has been for sometime, I'm a sucker for a festive candle and spend far too much money on candles but I couldn't quite resist this one after smelling it. I could try and describe the smell but I wouldn't do it justice, instead you will have to track it down and give it a good sniff yourself. 

Recycled Glass Tealight Holders, Next, 3.00 (each) 
After meeting my Mum for a coffee in town after a very long day at Uni...and after devouring a Hot Chocolate/slice of lemon cheesecake. I made the terrible suggestion to pop into Next before heading home.  I had to show some serious will power whilst in their Homeware section. Everything was just so beautiful. I picked up these four tealight holders for £3.00 each, and you would be right in thinking I really don't need four...but I bought four non the less. They are quite large and I'm half tempted to use them as drinking glasses. 

Festive Spice Room Spice, Next, 5.00
Another little something I picked up from Next, I've never used a room spray before and I'm looking forward to trying it out. It's like all thing festive and cosy in a bottle. Look out for a review in the very near future. 


  1. So many festive and christmassy bits! I love the next glasses, definitely use them as drinking glasses if they're big enough! :) Alice xx

    1. I'm well and truly into the festive spirit! Yeah I think I will they are big enough. x


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