Monday, 9 November 2015

Turning 22

I can't quite believe I'm 22! in my mind I'm still 18. Although I feel like I'm not quite ready to grow up I don't really have a choice in the matter its kinda inevitable. My Birthday always makes me realise how lucky I am to be surround by Friends and Family who all love me dearly. Sometimes I think Birthdays can fall into the trap of being a bit of a pity party, realising that your not where you thought you would be at a certain point in your life. Younger me most likely thought I'd have moved out by now, have a permanent job and married if not at the very least engaged. But when I look at my life I'm truly happy and I'd much rather be able to say that then any of the above things, because those things will fall into place at some point (maybe). 

I had a very low key Birthday as I always do, it's not that I hate my Birthday I'm just not one to make a big fuss out of it. It always consists of cake, Family, games and movies. I like it that way and today was no exception.  

I was greeted with a sausage/onion sandwich and spoilt rotten with gifts in the morning, which was followed by games and a great deal of laughter. Before my Aunt Fee arrived with a home baked lemon cake and caterpillar cake (because why not). And the games continued as we all munched on cake and drank tea listening to the new records I just received for my Gramophone (you can't beat a bit of jazz on your Birthday). Then the day was rounded of with movies accompanied by a takeaway. It really was a perfect day, low key but perfect. I've got a few 'birthday treat' day outs which will no doubt turn into posts themselves. Including afternoon tea at Beamish Hall, I've decided I'm going to wait until December for that, because that way all the Christmas decorations will be up and everything is always better when a Christmas tree is involved. 

And so with only a couple of hours left of my birthday I'm going to finally cave and listen to Taylor Swift's 22. 


  1. Wow!!! Wishing you the best birthday!!!! Much love and birthday wishes : )

    Faded Windmills


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